$139.00 USD - $159.00 USD

TOP-D Non-Magnetic Slider

This is a unique slider toy.
It looks like a finger biscuit,
Unlike magnet sliders,
Its paragraph sense comes from two springs and two steel balls,
Therefore, you can change springs of different hardness and beads of different materials,
to get the feel that suits you best.

up, down, spin
Such a quiet and stress-relieving toy,
Don't you want to try it?

They are all brand new, sealed in a secure box.

High-precision CNC small batch production,
So they are very rare.
Once it's sold out, means it's gone.
Get your while it's available.

We ship from Beijing, China to all over the world via FedEx.
About 10 to 30 working days to arrive, it depends on your country.