$169.00 USD - $199.00 USD


This is a unique magnetic slider,
It's like a pistol,
It can also be turned into a safety hammer in an emergency.

If you prefer stronger thrust,
The included magnets can be glued to the vacant holes,
Yes, two spare holes are reserved,
Allows you to adjust the feel that suits you best.

The stainless steel version has a black finish,
Titanium version with stonewashed finish,
The stainless steel & titanium combination version is stainless steel stonewashed on the top and titanium black on the bottom.

Please note that when it is brand new, it may be a little stuck,
It takes some time to grind in,
When the upper and lower sliders run in smoothly,
There will be an incomparably crisp feel.

They are all brand new, sealed in a secure box.

High-precision CNC small batch production,
So they are very rare.
Once it's sold out, means it's gone.
Get your while it's available.

We ship from Beijing, China to all over the world.
About 15 to 30 working days to arrive, it depends on your country.