$109.00 USD - $139.00 USD

01 EDC Mini Pod Slider

This is a very small and cute magnetic slider.
Such a small volume can actually achieve a three-layer structure,
And won't disintegrate on push.

A total of 8 magnets are included,
The magnetic force is moderate, and the push is easy and refreshing.

2 versions,
The three layers of the all-stainless steel version are all stainless steel polished surfaces,
The zirconium version has a zirconium polished top and bottom,
The middle layer is a stainless steel gold-plated surface.

They are all brand new, sealed in a secure box.

High-precision CNC small batch production,
So they are very rare.
Once it's sold out, means it's gone.
Get your while it's available.

We ship from Beijing, China to all over the world.
About 15 to 30 working days to arrive, it depends on your country.